In Hebrews 10:19-25, the writer of Hebrews exhorts us in the area of practical responsibility in light of Christ’s sacrifice.  In the preceding 18 verses, he shows us how Jesus is the successful Priest King who has fulfilled the requirements of the law and has victoriously sat down at the Father’s right hand.  He sat down because His work of redemption was finished.  Verse 19 begins with the word ‘therefore’ which marks a transition from the doctrinal to the practical.  What are our practical responsibilities and unique privileges in light of Christ’s sacrifice?  The text mentions three responsibilities through the use of the phrase “let us.”

First, verse 22 says, “Let us draw near in faith.” We are given access to the Father through faith in the Son.  We can come boldly into the Holy of Holies because of Jesus.  There can be no worship and experience of God’s presence apart from faith in Christ.
Second, verse 23 says, “Let us hold fast in hope.” Those who have truly repented of sin and trusted in Christ will demonstrate perseverance in the faith.  Unlike those whose faith is sham and shallow, they hold fast in hope to the anchor of Christ.  In fact, Hebrews tells us that this hope serves as an anchor to the soul, and is both sure and steadfast.  Jesus Christ has anchored us to God!
Third, verses 24-25 say, “Let us come together in love.” We are to keep the assembly of the saints near and dear to us, not forsaking it or making excuses for our lack of involvement.  I have always quoted verse 25, but never have I more fully appreciated than in light of its full context.  My involvement in the body of Christ, the church, is to be an expression of my love for and commitment to Jesus.  It is an act of appreciation for His sacrifice.  When we take lightly our church attendance and involvement, when we come up with every excuse under the sun as to why we can’t be involved, Hebrews says it only shows our lack of love for Christ and His sacrifice for us.  When we make the church all about us, it becomes easy to walk away and quit serving others.  But when we have the proper perspective, we will realize that the purpose of the body is not to GET, but to GIVE.  We meet for the purpose of stirring others up to love and good works.
How have you personally responded to Christ’s provision?

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