ishot_55Today’s Scripture: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

The Bible is clear in its assertion that the true source of the believer’s strength is the indwelling Spirit of Christ.  No where is this more clearly seen than in Paul’s reminder to the Philippian church.  Keep in mind that he wrote the letter to the Philippians from a Roman prison cell.  Much of what he says in the fourth chapter relates to the believer’s contentment and satisfaction in life.  According to Paul, my satisfaction and contentment is not contingent upon my circumstances.  It doesn’t matter what is going on or where I am in life.  It isn’t connected to what I have or do not have in my possession.  The secret to Paul’s satisfaction was his close, personal, and intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.  When he says, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me,” he is speaking of enduring suffering if need be.  If you go back to verse 12, he explains how he had learned both to be full as well as hungry, how to abound and suffer need.  Whether he was in a place of plenty, or whether he was in a place of want, it was no matter to him and in no way did it rob him of his contentment.  Why?  Because he sought it elsewhere!  He found lasting satisfaction in his relationship with Jesus.

It is easy for us to complain about where we are or what we don’t have, isn’t it?  This is because we are sinful by nature, and it comes so natural to our flesh.  But if we are to truly be satisfied in life, we need to look deeper than the surface.  We must look deep into our heart and seek Christ above all else.  He alone can satisfy and strengthen your soul.  No matter where you are today, the Bible says that you can endure.  This is only possible through Christ living in and through you!


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