photoAre you growing?  If something is not growing, there is good reason to question whether or not life is present.  When plants are healthy, they grow and produce fruit.  The same principle is true spiritually.  God intends for believers to be healthy and growing.  Unfortunately, not much emphasis has been given to spiritual health and growth in the church, and the results of this omission have been disastrous.  Lack of emphasis on spiritual growth has resulted in millions of Christians who are suffering from arrested development.  Many churches are filled with Christians who are immature, undiscerning, and weak in key disciplines of the faith.  We can be sure that God intends for every believer to grow into spiritual maturity, for He has said so in His Word.  For this reason, the fourth chapter of Ephesians is one of the most important chapters in the New Testament.  It shows us how pastors and leaders are to equip the body of Christ for spiritual maturity and for works of service.  The result is a growing, maturing, and healthy local church.

Join me this Sunday, January 4, at Green Street Baptist Church as I begin a new teaching series on the importance of spiritual growth and the intentionality that it requires in the lives of Christ’s disciples.  Over the next few weeks, we will trace several key areas in a disciple’s life that must be given careful attention, just like a tender plant must be given water and consistent sunlight.  Spiritual growth comes as disciples:

  • Grow closer in their relationship with God
  • Grow connected to other disciples
  • Grow consistent in sharing the gospel with unbelievers
  • Grow complete through serving others

Spiritual growth comes from abiding in Christ.  He is the Vine, and His disciples are the branches.  This does not mean that we are passive, however.  Faith in Christ results in following Christ.  Spiritual growth is not the result of clever secrets or some mystical idea that is out of reach.  It comes through simply understanding and practicing the principles that God has given to us in His Word.  I look forward to seeing you Sunday!