Over the last couple of weeks, my family and I really enjoyed spending time together visiting other family over the Christmas holiday.  I can’t even begin to tell you how much I loved being able to spend time with Allie and Andrew.  Christmas was fun at our house this year!  We opened gifts on Christmas morning, and Anita made the finest dinner you have ever seen.  This story could be told over and over again by countless families.

Isn’t it amazing at how fast it all seems to go by?

We wait for Christmas all year, and once it gets here, it doesn’t last very long.  It’s back to school, back to the office, back to the routines and schedules of life.  Some would even question whether or not Christmas even happened because it came and went to quickly.  A lot of people struggle with depression around the holidays and even after the holidays.  Family leaves, children grow up, and another year is in the history books.  If only that Christmas joy could last all the year long!  I have great news for you–it can.  True joy comes from the Christ of Christmas, not the festivities, and He is always with the believer.  We don’t pack Him up and put Him in the box once Christmas is over.  Christmas means, “Joy to the world, the Lord IS come, let earth receive her King!”  Christmas really happened, and it changed everything.  The Christ who came as a baby grew up and died for sinners on a cross, rose again from the grave, and imparts His life to those who trust Him in faith and repentance.  The believer’s joy is always in the present tense.  God is our Refuge and strength.  Christ is our joy and peace.  He has come that we may have life, and have it more abundantly.  Be encouraged in 2015.