The family is the most basic building block of society, and as goes the family, so goes society. Scripture teaches that the relationships that parents are to have with their children are precious and God-given.  Fathers and mothers have been given the high calling to lead their children to faith in Christ and disciple them in that faith. Nothing is more crucial and desperately needed in our generation than for Christian parents to teach their children to be worshipers of God.  Given the climate of our day, this can be a difficult thing to do.

Our children are facing a barrage of cultural pressures that we could not have even imagined when we were children. More than likely, you grew up in a society that was respectful or at least neutral toward biblical Christianity. Our children are growing up in a culture that is now anti-Christian and becoming more so by the day.  What we need now more than ever are Christian parents who are committed to following Jesus Christ in discipleship and who intentionally teach their children to follow Him as well.

How do we embrace discipleship at home?

First, it begins with mom and dad’s own walk with Christ.  They must first be disciples themselves before they can effectively lead their children to be disciples.  Their commitment to Christ must result in obedience to Christ, a love for His Word, a passion for prayer, and a sense of mission.  Though these parents are not perfect, their lives are surrendered to the Lordship of Christ and they are confident in His grace.

Next, mom and dad will seek to lead their children to faith in Christ and will nurture them in that faith.  This means that there are some clear priorotites that are established in the home, such as a commitment to a local church, a commitment to praying together, and a commitment to Scripture.  Parents who still have children at home ought to make consistent family worship a priority as frequently as they can.  For example, my wife and I carve out at least 15 to 20 miniutes each night before our children go to bed for singing, Bible reading, and prayer.  This has been underemphasized in the church today, and the impact has been felt as many Christian families are living compartmentalized lives that has reduced worship to something that only happens on Sunday. Even then, when worship is not a priority at home, a commitment to a local church will often be weak and sporadic.

Make discipleship the number one prority in your home.  If you have never led your children in worship, start with a simple prayer and Bible story before bedtime or at breakfast.  Find out what works for you in your own context.  I promise you that your children will reap spiritual dividends.  This upcoming Sunday, I am looking forward to continuing our study in Deuteronomy 6, and I want to give you some practical pointers for how to make discipleship the top priority of your homelife.