Terrorism.  TWhat Lies Aheadhreat of war.  Collapse of the home.  Natural disasters of epic proportions.  These are some of the subjects that frequently dominate the headlines of our day.  In fact, watching the evening news is like reading a page right out of biblical prophecy.  With the rise of ISIS and other militant groups, people are looking with keen interest at what is happening in the Middle East and all throughout the world.  What can the church anticipate in the days ahead?  Jesus said more about the future than anyone else.  In a section of Scripture known as the Olivet Discourse, the Lord was veryspecific about what His disciples could anticipate in the days that precede His return to earth.  Are we living in those days?  Join us at Green Street for the first Sunday in 2016 as we begin a new teaching series from Matthew 24, Mark 13, and Luke 21, where we will hear from Jesus about “What Lies Ahead.”