IMG_2562When your world falls apart, where do you go for strength?  When you hurt, where do you find hope?  Our world is filled with suffering, heartache, and pain.  People everywhere seem to be hurting in some way, yet many are without hope.  That is why the first epistle of Peter is so important.  It reminds us that as those who trust in Jesus, we have a “living hope” no matter what we face in life.  As someone who was well acquainted with pain, Peter writes to first century Christians who were suffering for their faith.  His timeless and inspired words are just as relevant now as they were nearly two millinea ago.  That’s why I am so excited that beginning this Sunday at Green Street, we will take a verse-by-verse look at this epistle and be encouraged to find our hope and confidence in Christ.  Invite a friend!

Sermon notes will be available each week on this website.