Psalm 1:3

In our part of the country, one of the worst weather scenarios involves an ice storm. Freezing rain can build up on tree limbs and power lines and can shut us down for days. The first year that Anita and I lived in High Point, we had a big ice storm that knocked out our power for four or five days. Everywhere you looked, trees were bent and broken. Pine trees are especially prone to toppling because they have a shallow root system. Oak trees, however, have a harder time falling over because their roots go down deep.

The psalmist uses the illustration of a firmly planted tree to describe the person who meditates on the Word of God day and night. Because the tree is planted by streams of water, its roots go deeper to soak in the much needed nutrients. It brings forth fruit in its season. Well, the man or woman who loves God’s Word is a lot like that. We will bear fruit when we have a healthy root system that digs deep into the Word. Meditating on Scripture ‘day and night’ is the practice of taking it in and thinking about it throughout the day, applying it to every situation of life. Get in the Word today and stay in the Word until the Word gets into you.

Father, thank You for Your Word! May it be my delight all the day long. Strengthen me according to Your Word. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

For more, read Psalm 1:1-6