VA governor’s abortion comments, Extreme cold, & Who’s Your One?

February 2, 2019

The Weekly Review is a regular update of what I’ve been reading in the news and various blogs around the web. It’s a recap of what has been going on in our world over the past week along with commentary from various sources.

The Briefing, Albert Mohler. Follow the link to hear Dr. Mohler’s podcast from January 31, 2019, where he addresses the issue of the Virginia governor’s abortion comments and more.

Extreme Cold Weather Spreads East, The New York Times. The polar vortex that arrived earlier this week has for days disrupted life across an entire region. Deaths and injuries were reported. Decades-old records fell. And, for one more day, even stepping outside remained a painful, risky experience.

Who’s Your One? Recovering the Primacy of Personal Evangelism, JD Greear. This past week, I got to meet with JD Greear, our SBC president, and several other pastors to hear about an upcoming evangelism emphasis throughout our convention. See for more info.