2 Corinthians 1:20

Did you ever make someone a ‘pinky promise’ when you were a child? It was your way of promising that you would do something or keep a secret. God is a ‘Promiser’ by nature. Throughout the Bible, we find examples of God making a promise to His people. Dr. David Jeremiah says that a biblical promise is “a tightly wrapped, power-packed, portable capsule of Scripture, written by God and designed to meet a specific need in our lives at a specific time and in a way that corresponds perfectly to His all-sufficient grace.” God’s promises are His guarantees in the midst of life’s uncertainties. They serve as the basis of our faith and provide us with the certainty that God will do what He has has said. Without them, we have no assurance about anything! Without God’s promise, there would be no certainty of hope, salvation, or comfort in our pain. While God hasn’t made us ‘pinky promises,’ the nail prints in the hands of His Son are sufficient for our confidence. Jesus Christ is the embodiment of God’s promises and their sure fulfillment. All of God’s promises find their ‘yes’ in Him!

Instead of worrying about life today, you can trust the promises of God. Not one word of them will fail, and you can rely on them for all your needs.

Father, thank You for Your great and gracious promises. You have promised life and salvation in Christ, and this is my confidence today. Amen. 

For more, read 2 Corinthians 1:1-24