Matthew 24:35

One of the worst periods of persecution in church history happened under Diocletian, the emperor of Rome in the fourth century. In 303 AD, he ordered copies of the scriptures to be rounded up and burned. Today, not many people know who Diocletian was, but the Word of God still remains! Centuries later, a French atheist named Voltaire claimed that within one hundred years of his lifetime, the Bible would be forgotten and Christianity would no longer exist. Voltaire died in 1778, but the Word of God still remains!

Truly, no other book has been attacked, vilified, hated, or criticized more than the Bible. When it comes to the Bible, nearly everyone has an opinion. Abraham Lincoln once said that it was the best gift God has given to man. Others have called it a curse. Tyrants have burned it, and believers cherish it. Skeptics have tried to discredit its claims, while entire institutions have been founded upon those same claims. It is the most quoted, most published, most translated, and most influential book in human history. Had it not been for the sovereign power of God, men would have destroyed the Bible long ago. Emperors, dictators, kings, and politicians have all tried their hand at it. They come and go, but the Word of God still remains.

No matter what men or governments decree, the Bible is here to stay! Jesus said, “Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will by no means pass away.” As you open your Bible today to read the ancient words, let them wash over you and nourish your soul and lead you to the feet of Jesus.

Father, I praise You today for Your eternal Word. Forever Your Word is established in the heavens. Open my eyes today, Lord, that I might see wondrous things in Your law! In Jesus’ name, Amen.

For more, read Psalm 119:89-112