Mark 4:39

I heard a story about an art contest promoted by a man who sought the perfect picture of peace.  The artists were told to paint whatever they felt would best portray ‘Peace.’  Some artists painted serene landscapes with sunsets and fields of beautiful flowers.  Another painted a still quiet lake with a reflection clear as glass. Each was amazing and beautiful, but when the winner was unveiled, everyone was surprised.  The title of the winning painting was “Peace in the Midst of the Storm.” At first glance, the painting looks anything but peaceful. Black clouds and lightning bolts cover the sky.  Waves crash on a rocky hillside with raging waters below.  How could this ever be descriptive of peace? You have to take a closer look at the painting, because there is more there than simply meets the eye.  Just beneath the gushing water falls, you will notice a little bird with her nest of babies tucked underneath the edge of a rock.  In the midst of the storm, this bird found a sanctuary, a safe place to rest her wings.

Richard Fuller, a 19th-century minister, told of an old sea captain who said, “In fierce storms, we must put the ship in a certain position and keep her there.”  He went on to say:

“This, Christian, is what you must do…You must put your soul in one position and keep it there.  You must stay upon the Lord; and, come what may—winds, waves, cross seas, thunder, lightning, frowning rocks, roaring breakers—no matter what, you must hold fast your confidence in God’s faithfulness and His everlasting love in Christ Jesus.” 

Is Christ your peace?  When life’s struggles and pressures begin to build, when the adversary roars, and when doubts and fears assail, do you have peace?  Peace is a Person with whom you can have a personal relationship today, even in the storm. Remember–He’s the One who controls it!

For more, read Mark 4:35-41; Philippians 4:7