Matthew 13:58

What do you think the greatest obstacle is for a Christian in life? What is the greatest obstacle for a church to overcome? It is not what you think. You may be tempted to think that it is tough circumstances, or a post-Christian culture. The greatest obstacle to the expression of faith in our lives is unbelief. Unbelief has ruined the vision of more people than any other thing. One of the reasons so many churches settle for mediocrity is because they are limited by unbelief. When God’s people refuse to trust Him and move forward in faith, it is a tragic thing.

When Jesus came to His hometown of Nazareth, he did not do many miracles because of their unbelief. We ought to pray every day, both corporately and as individuals, that God would never limit us through our own unbelief. Sometimes we set barriers on our lives because we won’t believe great things. Instead of simply taking God at His Word, we come up with excuses to justify our lack of obedience. That’s why it is the greatest problem to be overcome. It results in prayers that aren’t prayed, ministries that aren’t attempted, money that isn’t given, and people who aren’t reached. Doubt creeps into the hearts of those who should be walking in faith and trusting God for His provision.

When unbelief settles into our lives like a dark cloud, it wipes out the opportunity for God’s miracle-working power to take place. There will always be a confrontation with unbelief for anyone willing to do great things for God. William Carey said, “Expect great things from God, attempt great things for God.” What might you need to believe God for today? Don’t be sidelined by unbelief!

“Father, help my unbelief! Nothing is too difficult for You. Fill my heart with faith and confidence in Your promises. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

For more, read Numbers 13-14