Psalm 93:1

This psalm serves as a fitting reminder that the Lord is ruling and reigning from His mighty throne. His throne is established from old, meaning that He has been reigning in sovereign omnipotent power from eternity past. He is infinite and timeless. Nothing has ever happened without His sovereign say so. Nothing ever takes the Lord by surprise. As for me, I find myself frequently reacting to certain circumstances that are beyond my control. My emotions often get the best of me, throwing me into a tailspin of worry and fear. However, the Lord is never in ‘reaction mode.’ He is always in ‘action mode’ because nothing takes Him by surprise or catches Him off guard.

The trying circumstances that we encounter throughout life are merely the tools that God uses to mold, shape, and conform us to the image of His Son. How we respond to what happens to us largely impact what He does through us. The One who is perpetually seated on His throne is also the One who works in us both to will and to do of His own good pleasure. The psalmist says that all of God’s decrees are trustworthy, meaning that He does all things well and never makes a mistake.

When we worry and fret over things beyond our control, we demonstrate a failure to understand the truth of a sovereign God. How foolish I am to think that I can do a better job running my life than the One who is on His throne! Therefore, I hereby tender my resignation as ‘chairman of the board’ of my life. Our God reigns!

For more, read Psalm 93:1-5