Psalm 19:1

The world around us and the skies above us are constantly preaching a message to us that says, “There is a God who has made all of this!” In theology, we refer to this as God’s ‘general revelation’ of Himself to humanity. That simply means He has revealed Himself to us through creation. The existence of creation points to the existence of an intelligent and wise Creator, much in the same way that a painting points to the genius of a painter, or a building that points to the ingenuity of an architect. Only a fool would deny the existence of God. A complex universe demands a Creator who can do anything, who knows everything, and is present everywhere.

The psalmist was well aware of this. When he considers the heavens above him, he glorified God. As he watched the sunrise and sunset, what he saw every day reminded him of God’s power and God’s faithfulness. He says that creation preaches a message to all humanity that reminds us of our accountability so that we are without excuse. And yet in spite of this universal message that goes out to all the world, the majority of people reject it. They enthrone creation above the Creator. That’s why God went a step further than general revelation. He gave humanity ‘special revelation’ of Himself in His Word and through the gift of His perfect Son. Christ came to rescue us from sin and restore us to fellowship with God. Creation is good, but the cross is better!

For more, read Psalm 19:1-14; Romans 1:18-23