Mark 14:8

How can you ever begin to measure the depth of sacrificial love? We’re given a picture of it in Mark 14:3-9 as a woman brings an alabaster box of costly ointment and pours it on the Lord. Neither Mark nor Matthew names the woman, but John tells us that it is Mary of Bethany, the sister of Martha and Lazarus. Mary is found three times in the gospel story, and each time she is always at the feet of Jesus.

It was an expensive offering that Mary lavished upon the Lord. Nard was imported from India, and a jar of it would have cost the equivalent of a common worker’s annual income. Mary gave it sacrificially and lovingly. She was not ashamed to show her love for Christ openly, even though she was criticized for it. Some viewed her sacrificial act with contempt and considered it to be a waste of resources. However, Jesus came to her defense and rebuked them. She had done a good work for Him. He says, “She has done what she could.” It was a symbolic act that foreshadowed His supreme sacrifice for our sins upon the cross.

No matter what others say about our worship and service, the most important thing is that we please the Lord. Our concern should be His approval alone. Have you done what you could for Him?

For more, read John 12:1-8