Revelation 3:8

It has been said that a church’s vision shouldn’t be determined by the size of its congregation, the limitations of its location, or the restrictions of its budget. Rather, God’s people should set their vision based on God’s power. He is infinite, awesome, and mighty beyond description or comprehension! When He chooses to open opportunities, the possibilities are endless. The Lord opens and closes doors according to His sovereign will and infinite wisdom. All we need to do is trust and follow Him, wherever He leads.

Philadelphia was the church that had an open door of opportunity.  Like the church at Smyrna, you will notice that there are no words of rebuke from Jesus in His letter to them. There are only words of commendation.  He tells them that they had a wide open door of opportunity that no one could shut. The church at Philadelphia was the youngest and smallest of the churches mentioned in Revelation. Yet they understood that the greatness of God far outweighed their humble circumstances. Better to be a small church that has a big vision of God than a big church that has a small vision of Him!  

If you want to know why they had opportunity, notice what Jesus says in 3:8.  They had a ‘little’ power and had kept His word and had not denied His name.  They were faithful and bold. They had a little power with great potential. It was not because of their size, their resources, or their influence but because of the holiness, faithfulness, and sovereign authority of their Lord.

God always opens a door to the faithful one who believes in His power and takes Him at His Word. What ‘door’ might He open up for you today?

For more, read Revelation 3:7-13