Revelation 3:15-16

In His letter to the Laodicean church, the Lord Jesus uses an illustration from the city itself that the people would have been very familiar with. Wiersbe points out that the city of Laodicea was located near Hierapolis, known for its hot springs, and Colosse, known for its cold water. By the time water from those cities was carried to Laodicea, it was neither cold nor hot. It was simply room temperature or ‘lukewarm.’

Laodicea was the church that became known for its indifference.  Of all the seven churches, this is the only one that receives no word of commendation.  Jesus has nothing but rebuke for this church best described as being ‘lukewarm.’ How was their lukewarm attitude evident? First, it shows up through their self-sufficiency. They thought themselves to be rich and in need of nothing. Second, it is seen in their self-righteousness. They thought they were clothed, but they were really naked. Third, their lukewarm attitude led them to be self-serving. They were blind to their true condition and led by selfish desire. They had a wealth of resources that became the proud source of their confidence, but in reality they were poor and to be pitied.  They had no power and effectiveness.

Lukewarm Christianity is comfortable, complacent, and doesn’t realize the depth of its need. In verse 20, Jesus is standing outside the door and is knocking, desiring to to come in and have fellowship. We often apply this verse to outsiders, but the basic application is to the church! What a pitiful scene it is for a church to have closed the door to fellowship with the Lord through a lukewarm attitude.

Are you cold? Are you hot? Or are you simply lukewarm? Repentance demands that you ‘open the door’ and surrender to Christ. He wants you to know His joy and have sweet fellowship with Him today!

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