From the earliest years of our childhood, we had our own perception of whether or not something was ‘fair.’  Right?  I mean, you have more than likely made this statement at some point in your life: “It’s just not fair!”  You felt like you were getting the short end of the stick, the raw end of some deal.  Maybe you were passed over for a job promotion that you felt you had earned.  Or maybe you were at the height of your athletic career and suddenly had an injury that forced you to the sidelines.  Or maybe someone you loved passed into eternity before you felt it was their time.  No matter what the circumstances were, all of us have experienced the bitter taste of ‘unfairness’ in life.

Solomon had experienced this same frustration as well.  He came to that conclusion that under the sun, life just doesn’t seem to be fair.  To the victor goes the spoils, but the nice guys always seem to finish last. It was all frustrating to the Preacher and seemed so empty.  And yet deep down, Solomon knew full well the truth that God is the ultimate Judge.