Ecclesiastes 3:17

Have you ever been the victim of a crime?  How’d it make you feel on the inside?  You feel violated.  You want the wrong to be made right. When it comes to personal injustices and oppression and wrongs to us that come at the hands of others, how are we to respond?  Part of me longs for vengeance.  Part of me longs for justice.  Part of me seeks the role of the judge.  So what is the solution?

When you look around at what’s going on under the sun, you wonder at times if justice can truly be found.  But what Solomon says here ought to cause you to fear and tremble.  God will judge the righteous and the wicked.  It is who He is. And if there is a time and season for every matter under heaven, then there must also be a time for justice.  There will come a time when we all stand before the Judge. God will one day judge the secrets of men by Christ Jesus! That doesn’t mean that you and I shouldn’t pursue what is right.  As Christians, we have a God-given responsibility to stand for what is right, to be a voice for truth. Philip Ryken writes, “Depending on our place in society…as fathers and mothers, as pastors and leaders, as citizens and public officials, we are called to do what is right in the home, in the church, and in society.” 

You may find yourself discouraged when you see society in the shape it is in. But remember that our ultimate confidence does not lie in a justice system but in the Chief Justice Himself, the Lord Jesus Christ!  The day is soon coming when He will indeed judge the world in righteousness. And knowing that God is the Judge ought to keep you from usurping that role for yourself.

For more, read John 5:22-29