James 1:4

Have you ever thought about the fact that not everyone who grows old, actually grows up?  There is a difference in growing old versus growing mature.  In fact, we are facing a crisis in our society that I would call epidemic immaturity.  Everyone is a victim who is seeking someone to blame.  We are raising a generation of people who are growing older, but not growing mature. True growth manifests itself in a responsible mindset. This should be even more true in the local church.  The church is a body of believers who have been redeemed by the grace of God, who no longer live for themselves, but for the One who lived and died in their place.  Their lives are no longer theirs, but His.  Knowing, serving, and loving Him is their primary aim.  New birth leads to steady growth.

Spiritual immaturity is the culprit for much of what is not right in the church today.  This is why the message of James is so vital for us.  It shows us how Christianity is not simply a set of ideas that merely theoretical.  Instead, James shows us how Christianity is very practical.  Faith not only says—James shows us how true faith does!  It is practical Christianity up close. James says that various trials test our faith and stretch us for the purpose of maturing us and making us complete.

Just like stress and strain our muscles produces greater strength, so also does pressure in life produce patience and steadfastness of character within our soul.  Without these trials, God would have no way of working His patience into my life. Trials are part of our maturing process. The intended result of the patience that God works in me through trials is spiritual maturity.  God goes to work deep within the recesses our heart and mind and uses the adversity and pain of trials to give us patience, which in turn leads to greater maturity.

For more, read James 1:1-4