James 4:7

Humility is one of those virtues that we often praise when we see it in the live of others, but seldom seek it on our own. James says that humility is essential for a relationship with God. He resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble. Humility is the key to peace in our relationships with one another. Notice that James connects humility with the conflict he describes earlier in chapter 4. Pride is the culprit behind most of our fights with others. We must humble ourselves when we have been selfish and self-centered. We must seek the forgiveness of those with whom we have been at odds.

God graciously draws near to us when we deal with the sin in our lives that keeps Him at a distance. He will not share us with anyone else, for He must be supreme in our hearts and lives. James says that humility means we ‘submit’ to God. This word is a military term that means to get into your proper rank. When a buck private acts like the general, there is going to be trouble. Unconditional surrender is the only way to complete victory. Submission is an act of the will that says, “Not my will, but Yours be done.” This must always be the attitude of the servant of God. If there is any area of your life kept back from God, there will always be needless struggles.

Humility means that we submit to God’s control in our lives by confessing our sins and asking for cleansing. When we humble ourselves before Him, He will draw near, forgive us, and lift us up.

For more, read James 4:7-12