Take your Bible and be finding your place in the fifth chapter of Ecclesiastes.  No matter what century, no matter what place and time, there is a characteristic that seems to be true of every generation of humanity and it is this—people are interested in accumulating wealth.  People want to make money.  In 1848, it was the “California Gold Rush” that took 300 thousand people from east to west.  Then it was the stock market and investment banking.  Men and women burn the candle at both ends to work their way up the corporate ladder so they can have a bigger piece of the pie.  For others, when the lottery goes mega millions, they flock to the convenience stores to buy Powerball tickets hand over fist.  Why?  Because money is enticing.

Solomon now begins a section where he addresses the subject of money, wealth, and possessions.  Remember that he has been on a quest to find satisfaction, and he tells us here that it can’t be found in money nor the things that money can buy.