1 Chronicles 16:31

There are five times in the Bible where we find the declaration, “The Lord reigns!” When you and I really believe this, our thinking changes about every situation in life. An understanding of God’s sovereignty is critical for confident living. Consider how others treat us, for example. It is easy to fly off the handle and get defensive when someone says or does something that hurts us. We can let bitterness eat away at our souls. Strictly from a human perspective, these reactions may seem justified when people do terrible things to us.

However, when we recognize the absolute rule of God over even the smallest matters of life, we can trust Him to use even our injuries for glorious good. A prime example of this in the Old Testament is Joseph. Rather than harboring resentment and seeking retaliation against his brothers, he forgave them for mistreating him. He understood that even though what they intended for evil, God meant it for good.

Another example of someone who had confidence in the sovereign rule of God was Fanny Crosby, the great hymn writer. She was once asked about the doctor who caused her blindness in infancy, and she replied, “If I could meet him, I would tell him that he unwittingly did me the greatest favor in the world. How could I have lived such a helpful life as I have lived had I not been blind?”

Our perspective changes when we truly understand that the Lord reigns over each and every situation in life. It frees us to forgive others and trust Him with our wounds. Live with this confidence today!

For more, read Psalm 97:1-12