Take your Bible and be finding your place in Ecclesiastes 7.  We are continuing in our study of the book written by King Solomon of Israel and its overall theme of how satisfaction isn’t found under the sun but in God.  As we come to this seventh chapter, Solomon now turns from the subject of wealth and money to the importance of wisdom.  From here to the end of the book, he uses the words ‘wise’ and ‘wisdom’ some 35 times, which is more than twice as many times as it is found in the first six chapters.

Ecclesiastes is found in a section of the Old Testament that is known as the ‘wisdom’ literature that is also comprised of Job, Proverbs, and the Song of Solomon.  Not everything in these books is, strictly speaking, concerned with wisdom but they do relate wisdom in general. What is wisdom from a biblical point of view?  It is more than mere knowledge.  A very good definition is that it is the ability to apply God’s truth to life’s situations.  The Bible has much to say about our need for wisdom.