In chapter 7 of Ecclesiastes, the Preacher emphasizes the importance of wisdom.  From here to the end of chapter 12, he uses the words ‘wise’ and ‘wisdom’ some 35 times, which is more than twice as many times as it is found in the first six chapters.  He uses those words around 18 times in chapters 7 and 8 alone.  His theme in chapter 7 is the practicality of God’s wisdom.  He answers the questions that he raised at the end of chapter 6.  There, he asked the question, “Who knows what is good for man while he lives the few days of his vain life?”  The answer that he gives here in chapter 7 is that only God knows what is good for man.  Sin has left humanity void of wisdom.  Sure, there is knowledge aplenty.  Through education, man has learned how to manipulate his surroundings.  Yet he doesn’t have the wisdom and power to save his soul.  He needs God!