Matthew 6:33

A man was rushing one day to catch his plane at the airport because he was late.  Worried he might miss his flight, he started running and weaving in and out of the airport traffic.  Bumping into one man dressed in a flight uniform, he paused to briefly say he was sorry.  The man asked him why he was rushing so quickly, and he told him that he was trying to catch his flight.  “Where are you going?” the man in the flight uniform asked.  “I’m going to Boston,” he replied.  “Well, then, relax and stop worrying,” the man said with a smile.  “Because I’m the pilot and that plane won’t go anywhere without me.”

Knowing the pilot and walking with him through the terminal made all the difference.  The same thing is true for me and you when we look to our Pilot first and foremost. Jesus said that His disciples are to ‘seek first’ the kingdom of God and His righteousness. All the things that we tend to worry about will be added unto us. Our Father in heaven will take care of it.

Of all the problems that you face and whatever the category, of all the issues that keep you in perpetual defeat, have you surrendered to God first in that area?  Have you looked to honor Him first in your heart, attitude, choices, and thoughts?  Have you sought His wisdom and will for the way you ought to respond?

There is a promise in Matthew 6:33! When the rule of God is first in your life, everything else will fall into place. Make Him first in your thoughts, hopes, and decisions.  Put Him first in how you spend your time.  Place Him first in how you view the world around you.  Please Him first, honor Him first, give to Him first—and everything else will fall in line.

For more, read Matthew 6:25-34