In order to successfully navigate life under the sun, you and I need wisdom from above.  In chapter 10, Solomon contrasts wisdom and folly.  The overall theme of what he says here is this: Since a little folly can undermine one’s life, we need wisdom and discretion even in the little things as we make our way through life.  Little things can have a big impact.  This seems to be a common thread that ties everything together in the chapter.

This section in Ecclesiastes continues the one that begins in 9:13.  In verses 16 and 18 of that chapter, Solomon says twice that ‘wisdom is better.’  His point is that the wisdom of God is better than the foolishness of man, and he shows us how this is the case here in chapter 10.  He shows us the difference in wisdom and folly by putting them side by side.  By doing so, he warns against even a ‘little folly’ because it can undo a life.