There are times when we wonder whether anything we do for God really matters, whether it really makes a difference.  Life seems to be lived on a hamster wheel—we run and yet never seem to be getting anywhere.  Add to this the fact that the rug can get pulled from beneath your feet any given moment.  Something unforeseen hits you much like a lighting bolt coming out of nowhere.  Solomon considers all of this in Ecclesiastes.  One of the themes we have seen come up in several places in our study is the uncertain, unpredictable nature of life under the sun.  No matter how hard a person works and no matter who they are, he says that life under the sun is full of uncertainty.  When it comes to life, the one thing that remains the same is that nothing remains the same.  Things are in a constant state of flux, and you never know what awaits on the horizon.

How do we deal with the uncertainty of life?  What are our options?