Matthew 24:44

In general, we Americans are very interested when it comes to knowing the future.  I read where Americans spend nearly a billion dollars annually on consulting psychics, horoscopes, and palm readers.  Man has always thought he can predict the future, and has tried his best.  In 1870, there was a bishop who came to an Indiana college campus for a denominational conference.  During his visit, the bishop heard the president of the college say something that shocked him.  “We live in an age of wonders,” said the head of the college.  “I believe the day is not far off when men will fly in the skies like birds.”  The bishop said, “Sir, you are speaking blasphemy!  The Bible tells us that the gift of flight is reserved strictly for the angels.”  The bishop’s name was Milton Wright who just so happened to have two sons by the name of Orville and Wilbur.  Three decades later, they flew. 

Throughout history people have always had a strong desire to know the future, to predict the future, and to know what lies ahead. Yet the future is not a matter of knowing ‘what,’ but about knowing ‘Who.’ Jesus Christ is Lord, which means that He is sovereign over the past, present, and future happenings of our lives.  An omniscient God knows precisely what lies ahead, and the Bible says that He is history’s architect, and is perfectly orchestrating the circumstances in the universe by bringing history to its intended conclusion. Jesus promised to return! The second coming of Christ is not wishful thinking on the part of those who believe in Him, but rather it is the blessed hope of the church.  The return of Jesus for His church is the most wonderful truth of Scripture. It means that we have hope and a future. We don’t have to fear what the future might hold because we know who holds the future.

The fact that Jesus is coming again is sure, for Jesus Himself promised. You and I need to be ready. In other words, we must patiently wait for Him to come again, but we must not passively wait.  As His disciples, we must live righteously and with self-discipline and for His glory.  We must invest all we have in His mission of declaring His gospel and making disciples. We are to be careful students of prophecy, but this doesn’t mean we are to stand around as star gazers.  We study what Jesus said about the future so that we can live with faithful obedience in the present. Be encouraged by His promise today!

For more, read Isaiah 46:9-10; John 14:1-3