What does it take for you to truly enjoy life?  Ask anyone this question, and you will find a number of different answers.  A simple Google search of the phrase ‘how to enjoy life’ will yield you a countless number of websites, each offering you their suggestions and ideas.  There is no shortage of books and bloggers, each one giving you their ideas about how to enjoy life.  All of the world’s advice can really be boiled down into three answers.  To enjoy life, a person needs to possess something, to know someone, or be somewhere.  Enjoyment in life is a matter of people, places, and things.  Solomon says something different.  He had been there, and had done that.  He says that as long as you are looking for the main ingredient strictly ‘under the sun,’ you will never find it.  To truly enjoy life, Solomon says that the Creator must be at the center of it all.