If you have a Bible with you, take it and turn with me to the first chapter of Ephesians.  I’m beginning a brand new series of sermons this morning that I have given the title, “Spiritual Habits.”  We’re going to spend some time taking an in-depth look at the Christian life and all that it involves from start to finish.  Now, I don’t know what comes to mind for you whenever you hear that word ‘habit.’  I imagine that more than likely, you think of something that needs to be given up, such as a bad habit of some kind.  A “habit” is a settled practice or a usual manner of behavior. We automatically tend to view a ‘habit’ in a negative sense as in those habits that need to be given up.  However, there is such a thing as good habits that ought to be cultivated in our lives, such as those things we habitually pursue and practice in the Christian life.  There are certain ‘grace’ habits or spiritual disciplines we give ourselves to as men and women of faith.