This Greek word entered our English language way back in 1867 when a Swedish chemist by the name of Alfred Nobel made a discovery that became his fortune.  He discovered a power that was stronger than anything the world had known up until that time.  He asked a friend of his who was a Greek scholar what the word for ‘explosive power’ was in Greek.  To which his friend gave him this word—‘dunamis.’  Alfred Nobel decided to call his discovery by that name, so he called his explosive power ‘dynamite.’

The gospel is the ‘explosive power’ of God that leads to salvation and life change.  In Romans 1-5, the apostle Paul explains what God has accomplished for us in the gospel.  In Romans 6-8, he explains what God has accomplished in us through the gospel.  He says that believers are brought into union with Jesus Christ.  It is our union with Christ that brings us security and confidence.