The Bible says that if anyone be in Christ, he is a brand new creature.  Old things have passed and all things are new.  Now, the mystery of this is that God begins this new race of humanity within the shell of the old.  As believers in Christ, our outward bodies are still subject to age, sickness, and death.  We still struggle with sin’s presence in our lives.  Yet inwardly, Paul says here that I am a new man.  God has delivered me from the power of sin and has put within me the power of a new life—Christ’s life.

Even though this is true, a lot of believers feel defeated in life and have come to the conclusion that victorious living is beyond them.  Old sin patterns seem so hard to break.  What they don’t realize is that God has already made every provision for them in Christ.  Paul says in chapter 6 that it is a matter of knowing who they are in Christ, reckoning it to be truth, and yielding to Christ as Lord. Here in chapter 7, Paul explains the relationship that a believer has with the law of God.  It really is a explanation of what Paul meant when he said that believers are not under law but under grace.