We’ve been in this chapter over the last couple of weeks.  Within this chapter, the apostle Paul deals with the subject of Christians and their relationship to the law of God.  He uses the word ‘law’ some 23 times in this chapter.  It is an explanation of the statement he makes in chapter 6 where he says that believers are not under law, but are now under grace.  It doesn’t imply that we are outlaws.  Nor does it imply that our growth in the Christian life doesn’t involve obedience to God’s commands.  It does mean that we are free from the penalty of the law.  We are free from the condemnation of the law.

In a miraculous way, a Christian is someone whom God has changed from the inside out.  He has given believers a new and obedient heart upon which He has written His law.  To empower our obedience, He has given us His Spirit who has come to take up residence within our lives.