Joshua 8:1-2

Have you ever purchased something that required some assembly? Maybe it was a child’s toy, or a piece of furniture, or some type of equipment. Imagine how lost you would be in putting the pieces together if the manufacturer had failed to include some instructions. We need a step by step manual, without which we would totally be in the dark.

In Joshua 8, God gives Joshua some instructions for the conquest of Ai. Previously, the Israelites had been soundly defeated because of Achan’s sin of covetousness. Moving forward with God’s power demanded that they deal with the sin and make restitution. After they did so, the Lord gives Joshua a plan for attack. God always has a plan for His people to follow, and the only way for us to truly be successful is to obey the Lord’s instructions. In verse 2, God says that the spoils of Ai would be theirs. Had Achan waited only a few days, he could have had all the spoils he wanted. Sadly, he could not see past the selfishness of his own heart. When we live only for the moment, we miss out on God’s blessing that comes through patience and faith.

If you pay close attention, you will notice that the strategy God gives Joshua for taking Ai is almost the direct opposite of the one He gave for Jericho. That is why it is important for Joshua to seek the mind of the Lord and listen for His instructions. We would do well in seeking God’s will for our lives when it comes to planning. The times I have gotten into trouble in my life could usually be attributed to failure to listen to His instructions. God has revealed His desire for our lives in His written Word. He has given us the Holy Spirit to lead and empower us. In all of our planning and decision making, let’s be sure to listen for His instructions before we rush out and attempt to do things on our own.

For more, read Joshua 8:1-35