Jesus told His disciples that though He was leaving them, He would send them a sign that He was alive, even though they couldn’t see Him.  He promised to send the Holy Spirit.  And the passage of Scripture that we are going to look at this morning gives us the account of the Spirit’s arrival at Pentecost.  Now, I don’t know what comes to mind whenever you hear the word ‘Pentecost,’ but depending upon your church background, it may have different shades of meaning.  For some, it may convey images attached to ‘Pentecostalism’ and its charismatic practices.  Still for others, it may be an unfamiliar term.  Regardless of the baggage that may be associated with the word, ‘Pentecost’ is a biblical term, which makes it a very important term.

Without Pentecost, you and I would be without power both in our individual lives as Christians and in our corporate life as a local body of believers.  What happened here in Acts 2 at Pentecost still reverberates throughout the world even all these centuries later.