One of the arguments that skeptics of the faith will often appeal to is what some have referred to as ‘the problem of evil.’  Basically, if God is as good as the Bible says He is and if He is all-powerful, why does the world seem to be in such a mess?  Why does evil and injustice seem to prevail and bad things happen?  Some will reason that either God is not good, or He is not all-powerful.  If He were both good and all-powerful, then evil would be abolished.  Experience tells us that evil is very much a reality in the world.  Evil regimes exploit and murder their own people.  Cancer and disease ravage our loves ones.  Men and women in their prime become sick and die.  Pandemics bring nations to gridlock.  Accidents and tragedy often strikes out of the blue.  If God is ruling and reigning, why is the world in such a mess?  If He is loving and kind, why does He allow suffering and disease, murder and genocide and all the horror that’s going on in the world today?  Where is God in all of this?  Well, these are some of the same questions that Habakkuk faced some 2,700 years ago.