Habakuk was man who was burdened for his generation.  He longed for God to send revival.  Something had to be done to address society’s ills, yet it bothered him that heaven remained silent.  He could not understand why God seemed to let His people persist in their sin.  And so when we are first introduced to him in chapter 1, he is a man who is wrestling with God.  That’s what his name means.  Habakkuk means to wrestle or embrace.  He is faced with some perplexing issues.  There are things going on in his world that he doesn’t understand.  He is troubled by all that is happening in his world. The change in Habakkuk comes in the second chapter.  It comes as a result of the truth that God reveals as it relates to a believer’s faith.  The central verse of the book is 2:4, where God tells Habakkuk, “The righteous shall live by his faith.”