The prophet began in chapter 1 by asking God why He was so slow in answering his prayer for revival in Judah.  When the Lord gave Habakkuk an answer, it was not what he had been expecting.  Yet in His own time, God would judge the pride of the Babylonians just the same.  His judgment is expressed in the form of five ‘woes’ that are pronounced against Babylon in the remainder of the chapter.  In the meantime, the one who knows God will live by faith in God.  Times may be bad and the future may become worse.  But the righteous will live by faith in the One who alone is worthy of that faith. In the last verse of chapter 2, the vision ends by saying, “But the Lord is in His holy temple; let all the earth keep silence before Him.”  Regardless of what might happen around him, all that remained was for Habakkuk to worship this God and lay his burdens down at His feet.  And that is what the prophet does.  His response to what God had revealed to him is seen here in the third chapter.