Today is Mother’s Day, and I am grateful to God for you godly ladies who are working overtime as wife, mother, and a whole bunch of other roles.  Many of you have been wearing multiple hats over these past weeks.  You’re a provider, teacher, disciplinarian, and spiritual leader.  We all look up to you with admiration.  For the next six weeks, I want us to look closely at what Scripture has to say about the home.  We will begin by taking a close look at the life of a godly woman who understood the significance of devoting her children to God.  Her name is Hannah, and we find her story in the opening chapters of 1 Samuel. She is a woman of grace.  In fact, that is precisely what her name means.  Her name comes from a Hebrew word that means to be favored.  And it really is an appropriate description for a woman whose life could testify of God’s grace.