The home is important.  There is no place like it, and that is true in more ways than we realize.  The home is the basic building block of society.  Chronologically, the home is established in the Bible before the church.  It is during the formative years within the home that children develop a basic understanding of right and wrong as well as other values that they will take with them into their adult years. We all know that the family, the foundation of our nation, is facing challenges in our day that are unprecedented. If ever there was a time for the Christian home to inspect its foundation, that time is now.  And so that is what we’re doing.  Whether you have children or not, whether they are grown or not, and whether you are married or not—we all need a biblical view of God’s basic design for the home.  It starts with the subject of marriage, something that this passage in Ephesians 5 deals with in detail.