The Bible has so much to say about the importance of one generation forming the next and the responsibility that parents have to lead their children in the truth.  One of the most important passages where this is emphasized is here in Deuteronomy 6. The word ‘Deuteronomy’ literally means “second law” or “repetition of the law.”  Within this fifth book of the Old Testament, Moses reviews the law originally given at Sinai and applies it to Israel’s life in the Promised Land which they were about to enter.  The book of Deuteronomy records a series of addresses that Moses gave to the second generation of Israelites as he sought to equip their generation for their new life in the Promised Land.  The older generation is to teach the younger generation principles for godly living.  The best place where this would occur is in the context of the home as one generation was to pass the faith along to the next.