If you have your Bible, let me invite you to turn with me once more to the ninth chapter of Daniel. This morning, I want us to pick up where we left off as we began looking at the prayer of Daniel that is recorded in the first half of this chapter.  The seventeenth century Puritan writer, John Owen, said, “What an individual is in secret, on his knees before God, that he is and no more.” Within this passage, you and I are privileged to listen in on a man of God who is down on his knees.  By the time we get to this chapter, Daniel is a man in his early 80s, having spent the vast majority of his life in Babylon as an exile.  And from all that we’ve seen about his life, we can sum it up by saying that Daniel is a man whose level of spiritual devotion is beyond most.  He is a man whose love for God is unwavering. As a young man, he had been determined to keep his mind and heart devoted to God even though he was faced with pressure to conform to a Babylonian lifestyle.  He didn’t buckle, but blossomed under it, largely due to the fact that he was a man of prayer.