If you have your Bible, let me invite you to turn with me once more to the ninth chapter of Daniel.  After a few brief weeks of being away, I want to pick back up in our study through Daniel.  One of the greatest and most wonderful truths we are taught in Daniel is that the kingdoms of this world are passing away and the kingdom of heaven is coming to pass.  The time is coming when all the kingdoms of this world will belong to the Lord Jesus Christ, and this is an unshakeable truth that we are given in God’s Word. Daniel stood like an iron pillar in a hurricane because the sovereign God of the universe was also the sovereign God of his life.  He is one of the most important characters in the Old Testament, a man of courage under fire, a man who swam upstream against a heavy current of cultural opposition. Daniel reminds us that we aren’t the first of God’s people to face such challenging times. Daniel thrived as a man of prayer.