The ninth chapter of Daniel is a passage that deals with the future.  Specifically, it deals with the future of Israel and the way it fits in the overall redemptive plan that God has for humanity.  It is a prophecy known as ‘the seventy weeks.’  Not weeks in the sense of days, but in the sense of years.  Literally, seventy ‘sevens’ or seventy ‘seven-year’ time periods in which God is going to accomplish some very important things as far as Israel is concerned, and as His redemptive plan is concerned.  It was revealed to Daniel that God has a specific plan in which the Messiah will come and deal decisively with sin, though it means He is to be ‘cut off’ in the process.  Intense times of tribulation will precede and follow His coming.  The nation of Israel will, in particular, will experience tribulation.  Yet God has determined how and when the end will come.  And so Daniel is shown here how God is in control of it all, and regardless of what would happen in the world around him, God is to be trusted.  His plan will come to fruition just as He has promised.