Let’s take our Bibles and turn once again to the tenth chapter of Daniel, a passage that we began to look at last Sunday.  Daniel 10 is a strange and remarkable passage of Scripture that has much to teach us about the subject of spiritual warfare and the reality of angels.  This text is a reminder of how the Bible shows us that there is more to life than what simply meets the eye. There is no explanation for the things that are seen apart from the existence of that which is unseen.  The ancient worldview of the Bible understands that reality exists in two worlds—the seen and the unseen, the physical and the spiritual, the visible and the invisible.  The prophet Daniel understood that what was seen was ultimately influenced by what was unseen.  Biblical truth demands that you and I stand with Daniel rather than a secular, unbelieving culture.  If we are to live counter-culturally in our day the way Daniel did in his day, we need the same worldview that he had.