Have you ever wrestled over the subject of conflict in our world and wondered where it all is coming from?  Nearly everyone recognizes that something is wrong in the world, and many are looking for someone to blame.  There is no shortage of answers when it comes to offering some kind of an explanation for the vitriol of our times. If you truly want to make sense of the struggle, then you will be encouraged by what you find out about it all in this tenth chapter of Daniel.  It is a passage that begins the final and longest prophetic vision of the book, beginning with a vision in chapter 10 and ending with a prophecy that takes us through chapters 11-12.  As chapter 10 begins, we read that Daniel has been made aware of a great conflict in his day.  However, he soon discovers that what was happening on the ground was tied to what was happening in the air.  Conflict that manifested itself visibly was ultimately being manipulated invisibly.