Man’s kingdoms are destined to come crashing down, and only the kingdom of Christ will last.  That theme is found here in this last section of Daniel 10-12.  It traces in greater detail the flow of the future already outlined in chapters 2 and 8.  Ultimately, it shows us how it will one day culminate in the defeat of the enemies of God’s people and the establishment of Christ’s kingdom. Chapters 10-12 form a unity and are to be taken together.  Chapter 10 provides us with the context of the vision and serves as an introduction.  Daniel is given a glimpse of the spiritual reality behind history and its happenings.  Unseen conflict in the spiritual dimension influences the things that happen on the stage of history. Chapter 11 gives us the content, while chapter 12 will provide the conclusion to the vision.  Daniel is given a prophecy of future history, and the purpose is to prepare God’s people for what would happen in the days ahead, days that will involve conflict and struggle.