Obviously, the Bible doesn’t give us the details and dates about when specific issues will erupt.  But it does show us the future with enough insight that it should affect the way we live today.  Scripture warns of impending judgment so that we are not caught off guard.  And perhaps one of the most amazing chapters in the Bible that contains future historical events is Daniel 11.  Here, Daniel is given a prophecy of future history, and the purpose is to prepare God’s people for what would happen in the days ahead, days that will involve conflict and struggle. Verses 2-20 cover a time period of 355 years, and from verse 21 through verse 35, the time period is 12 years.  It is as if the angel is taking Daniel from a wide view of history to one particular part of history that will impact Israel and serve as a prophetic pattern for the end.  For our time this morning, I want to deal with the prophecy that is referred to in verses 21-35 and the coming ‘man of sin’ it describes.